SellCash For Professionals is Included

Imagine having all of the tools you need, at your fingertips, to run a successful real estate investment business.

We know that at every touch to your prospect presenting a brand is better than an untried approach.

We have 40+ Years of Research and Testing, tried this and experimented with that. Importantly, we know what works and what does not work. On purpose Wins every time, which is why we created SellCash HomeBuyers.

Words matter, colors matter, messages matter, even simple things like a business card layout matters. What to wear to an appointment. Everything matters if you want to Require Wealth.

Here is what is part of SellCash HomeBuyers.

  • Phone, Text, Email, RVM, and more all within a CRM.

    If you have ever wanted to stay organized and have the power of 1.7 million dollar platform created for real estate look no future. You can signup to use our CRM. Which does everything from call answer, call forward, to call round robin. It will automatically send emails on a drip, send texts on a drip. It does so much that there is too much to describe.

  • – State of the Art Website

    Imagine utilizing

    The two words at the top of mind of every seller. Sell and Cash, and you will have exclusivity in your market. Every lead that comes into the website which is within your target marketing area, you will receive two notification. One as an email and one as a text message.

  • 1 (800) Sell-4-Cash – A Powerful Vanity Number

    Imagine the Power behind having a Marketing Telephone Number that is easy to remember and tells your prospect what you do at the same time. This is head and shoulders above a typical 10 digit number. We have learned, over and over, that a prospect who believes they are doing business with a company who can perform is easier to close. They sell for less and terms are easier to achieve.

  • SellCash HomeBuyers Polo shirts

    A real estate investor needs to represent the entire package. Uniforms clearly help define in you in your prospects mind what your there to do. Imagine if you called the fire department and the person that showed was wearing a Tank top, Blue jeans and Sandals? Would you feel confident that they are the correct person to accomplish putting a fire out? Professionals wear uniforms, so they are clearly represented for their position in life.

    We will send you 2 Polo Shirts, Embroidered with SellCash Homebuyers. When you go to appointments, they will see the Professional in you.

  • Marketing Care Package 

    Have you thought about all the little things? Don’t worry we have.

    We are going to send you all those things you’ll need, like Door hangers and Business cards.

  • Social Media Videos and TV Commercials

    With social media becoming the go to video visual and TV staying an enormously strong media type having videos made that tell a story of why chose your company is paramount. Whether it is a 15 second slot, a 30 second commercial, or a 10 minute infomercial, having pre built, tried and true, media is powerful.

  • Follow-Up Done for You

    We know that one of the toughest tasks to manage is prospect follow-up. We have solved that by utilizing  our first class CRM. Every prospect that fills out a web form or call 1(800) Sell-4-Cash or text into system will receive automatic follow-up notifications.

    We know that 80% of your success come from follow-up.

    They will Receive;

    • 29 emails over 59 days with your information and a message which is written specifically for them.

    • Text notifications spread out over a 90 day period, inviting them to acquaint themselves with you.

    • Ring to Voicemails delivered over a 90 day period reminding your prospect what you are here to help.

    • You will receive a text message on days 5, 7, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 90 reminding you to follow-up with your prospect.