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Look around, read our blog, and listen to our podcast. You will learn that as real estate investors and brokers with over four decades of experience we share everything we know to help you get to the wealth level you require.

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Our Program is geared towards Requiring Results

You will become a profitable real estate investor when you finish this program. It will teach you what you need to know to get to the higher level in life.

What you will find joining our program is an “On Purpose” approach to creating wealth through the buying, holding, and selling of real estate. When you join the program today, you will be buying houses for Massive Profits.

During the program, you will learn strategies like Subject To, Seller Financing, Lease Option, Passive Investing, Assigning , Wholesaling, and Wholetailing. It is a program geared at creating on purpose business, so that you can predict and duplicate your results.

We have made this available to you by utilizing a combined over 40+ years of real estate buying and selling experience coupled with our extensive marketing and negotiation techniques.

Our requirement is to make you head and shoulders above the average real estate investor and place you in charge of your future!

About Our Program

  • Business Sense

    What are the foundational components of your business model for successful Massive Profits in Real Estate Investing? What works within this unique model, and what generally does not work, either now or down the road? In this portion of the program, you are going cruise over in detail the many areas of your business that you will not want to pass by, you will want to double check, and if needed, secure it by following these principles of success as you travel down the road to massive profits. Let’s make it a smooth ride all the way.

  • Lead Generation

    While designing and building your prospective lead sources, you will take a deep dive into what generates the highest ROI matrix of qualified prospects for your marketing dollars. You will catch the wave while you learn various marketing methods to create oceans of motivated leads from our thirty or so prospect groups. Enjoy a paradise of both “paid” and “sweat” marketing methods for the highest gain possible. Sail away into massive profits today with this Lead Generation phase of our training.

  • Lead Capture

    Effective utilization of inbound and outbound prospect capture systems. Implementing systems and skill sets locally and virtually on maximize the lead generation. Through the program you will be learning what to say and how to present your business model for the highest profit potential.

  • Lead Nurturing

    The majority of our business comes from people we know, have spoken to, or have contacted us in the past because of our on-purpose lead generation. Knowing when to speak and what to say is a component that more investor fail at. We will show you how to run this component of your business easily and seamlessly.

  • Lead Negotiation

    Paramount importance. You will learn how to negotiate with your prospects with an on purpose dialog to discover and uncover a prospects motivation and ultimately contract for the highest profit returns. Learning negotiation is powerful and will create massive business success while also creating win win solutions for your prospect.

  • Lead Opportunity

    A complete understanding and knowledge of Wholetailing, Assigning, Wholesaling, Rehab Flipping, Multiple Listing Service resell strategies and for sale by owner.  Coupled with many by and hold strategies. Understanding where the “Money” will come from is as important as knowing how to make lead generation run effortlessly.

  • Lead Fulfillment

    Massively important. When cash is limited or not required having an awareness and knowledge of Subject To, Seller Financing, and Equity Credit purchase models is paramount. Learning how to buy property with little or no cash down will allow you achieve massive income levels. Not knowing how to buy with no money down will extremely hinder an investors performance even when cash is readily available.

  • Business Systemization

    Learn an on purpose approach to running your business as an entrepreneur. Moving from a start-up to a mega star business. You will learn and understand the components of the technician, manager and entrepreneur and how each play a role in every successful business. My goal for you is to have a duplicable business model which creates massive amounts of success at the end of our one year together.

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Are you ready to take your Real Estate Investing Career to the next level?

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